University Policies - Use of In-line Skates, Roller Skates, Skateboards & Bicycles

Number: UC-12
Effective Date: March 6, 2012
Dated: March 1, 2004
Distribution: University Centre
Title: Chair, University Centre Board

GENERAL: The University Centre Board recognizes that student activities may take place in and around the University Centre. This policy outlines activities that are inherently dangerous and must be restricted.

PURPOSE: To establish a policy for the use of in-line skates, roller skates skateboards and bicycles in the University Centre.

POLICY: Regulation of these devices is deemed necessary to reduce the risk of injury to both the user of the device and others using the University Centre; to prevent use that causes damage to property; and to prevent uses that are disruptive to University operations
or programming.

Unapproved in-line skating, roller skating, skateboarding, bicycling and use of similar devices are not permitted within the University Centre.

1.0 Such devices must be removed at the entrance to the building or immediately upon entry.

2.0 Approval may be granted by the University Centre Director or their designate.