University Centre Constitution


Constitution of the University Centre Board
University of Guelph

1. Purpose

The purpose of the University Centre (hereinafter called the Centre) is that it be the focus for the University of Guelph (hereinafter called the University) as a community, providing those social, recreational, educational and cultural activities which are not normally provided through the academic curriculum or other University services. The Centre will provide facilities for the use and enjoyment of all members of the University Community. Compatible with this goal will be the responsibility of the University Centre Board to establish written policies respecting the use of facilities and management of space within the University Centre; to acknowledge the special requirements of user groups to management their own activities within the spaces assigned to them and to provide services for the University Community at large.

2. Responsibilities

The Board of Governors of the University gives the University Centre Board responsibility to:

2.1 Operations and Programs

(i) Establish policy for the general operations of the University Centre consistent with existing policies of the University.
(ii) Make available to all members of the University, written policies pertaining to the University Centre.
(iii) Develop the non-academic educational potential of the Centre and to encourage the involvement of users in the work of the Centre.
(iv) Arrange programs, activities and events designed for the needs and interests of the community and which are complementary to other activities provided by other on-campus groups or departments at the time of implementation.
(v) Normally initiate the appointment and termination of the University Centre Director in a manner consistent with the employment policies and procedures of the University.
(vi) Receive representations, delegations and petitions from any individual or group within the University Community concerning the operation of the Centre.

2.2 Financial

(i) Have overall responsibility for all budgetary and financial matters respecting the University Centre
(ii) Cause to have prepared, and approved, an annual budget and to submit this through the appropriate budget process to the Board of Governors.
(iii) Cause to have prepared Financial Statements of the University Centre and to submit these to the Board of Governors.

2.3 Space

(i) Assume responsibility for the management of space assigned to the control of the University Centre Board, as set out in Appendix A (attached).
(ii) Develop policies that shall acknowledge the right of individual user groups to govern exclusively their own activities within areas of the building which may have been set aside for their specific use, providing that these activities do not conflict with general policies which may be adopted by the University and the University Centre to protect the interests of all users. However, should a user group relinquish control over, or cease to use, its space, control of such user space will pass to the University Centre Board.
(iii) Coordinate activities within the Centre so as to ensure the effective use and benefit of the space and facilities.

3. Relationship to the Board of Governors

The Chair of the University Centre Board, or his/her designate, shall:

(i) have access to the Board of Governors on any matter relevant to the operation of the University Centre.
(ii) present an Annual Report to the Board of Governors no later than November, covering the operation of the previous year and the forecast of the current year’s operation.

4. Membership

The membership of the University Centre Board shall be drawn from the University of Guelph Community. Full-time and part-time employees of the Centre will be excluded from Board membership. It will be as follows:

- ten persons (undergraduate students) appointed by the University of Guelph Central Student Association, including any one member of the Central Student Association Executive, who shall not be required to be an undergraduate student.
- two persons (graduate students) appointed by the Central Student Association.
- two persons (alumni of the University of Guelph) appointed by the University of Guelph Alumni Association, who shall not be full-time employees of the University of Guelph, or full-time graduate students enrolled at the University of Guelph;
- two persons (members of the University Club) appointed by the Board of Directors of the University Club; four persons (employees of the University) appointed by the President.

5. Officers

The chair and the Vice-Chair of the Board shall be the officers of the University Centre Board.

5.1 Duties of Officers
Chair: The Chair shall preside at all meetings of the Board and the Executive Committee and perform such responsibilities as are customary to this office.
Vice-Chair: The Vice- Chair shall perform the duties of the Chair in the Chair’s absence.

6. The Director

The Director shall:

(i) Be responsible for day-to-day operations of the Centre.
(ii) Report to the University Centre Board at the monthly meetings and between meetings to the Executive Committee.
(iii) Consult with appropriate University Administration regarding matters affecting University services.
(iv) Develop and present a budget to the University centre Finance Committee; have authority over the implementation of the approved budget subject to the financial policies and procedures of the University and of the Centre; keep full and accurate records of receipts and disbursements and be responsible for financial reporting as appropriate in the management of the University Centre operation
(v) Attend meetings of the University Centre Board and Executive Committee but shall not have a vote. The Director shall not be present at meetings where the Director’s salary and performance is to be discussed unless requested.
(vi) Arrange for a Recording Secretary to the Board, who shall record all proceedings; receive and conduct all correspondence; prepare the minutes; and once signed by the Director, University Centre, shall present them to the Chair for signature, and then arrange for them to be included with the forthcoming agenda packages.
(vii) Encourage the involvement of the users in the operation of the Centre.

7. Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall be composed of the Chair and Vice-Chair of the Board and the Chair of each of the three Standing Committee of the Board. Quorum for an Executive Committee meeting shall be three. The duties of the Executive Committee shall be:

- To prepare new business for presentation to the Board.
- To define and recommend terms of reference for Standing and Special Committees to the Board.
- To recommend on distribution of Committee tasks and priorities.
- To provide coordination for the activities and reports of the Committees of the Board.
- To undertake such tasks as from time to time may be referred to the Executive Committee by the Board.
- To discuss with the Director the day-to-day operations as required.
- To formally review the Constitution of the University Centre Board by March 30th of 2005, and every five years thereafter. In the interval, the Committee will recommend constitutional amendments as the need arises.

8. Standing Committees

The Standing Committee of the Board will be the Finance Committee, Programing Committee, and the Management and Operations Committee. Other ad hoc or special committees may be established as required.

9. Amendment Procedure

Amendments to this Constitution and By-Laws may be initiated by either the University Centre Board or the Board of Governors. The initiating Board will afford ample opportunity for discussion between both Boards. No amendment shall be effective until it is approved by the Board of Governors.