University Policies - Building Hours

Number: UC-6
Effective Date: Revised February 1, 2004
Cancels: UC-6
Distribution: University Centre
Title: Chair, University Centre Board

GENERAL: The University Centre Board acknowledges that there must be established building hours for the University Centre.

PURPOSE: To secure the University Centre, its contents and assets; for fire and life safety protection; and to establish a constant time frame for building hours for the University community.

POLICY: 1.1 Entrance to the University Centre of the University of Guelph shall be made available to the members of the University community between the hours of 6:30 a.m. and 2:30 a.m. of the following day.

EXCEPTIONS: 2.1 At the discretion of the President or Vice President of the University,
the University may be closed as deemed necessary for weather, Holidays or emergency situations.

2.2 The University Centre may close or modify the building hours based on Item 2.1 and this will be at the discretion of the Director of the University Centre.


Evaluation and Review - The Building Manager shall be responsible for evaluating this policy as deemed necessary and reporting to the Management and Operations Committee of the
University Centre Board.


See UC-11 - Hours of Operation.