Non-student election campaigning within the University Centre

Number: UC-3
Effective Date: February 1/04
Cancels: UC-3
Dated: April 1/97
Policy Ref: Distribution: University centre
Title: Chair, University Centre Board

GENERAL: The University Centre Board recognizes that activities surrounding non-student elections 
may take place in the University Centre and that this policy is being issued to provide for such activities.

PURPOSE: To establish guidelines pertaining to election campaigning within University Centre controlled space during municipal, provincial and federal elections.

SCOPE: All University Centre controlled space, facilities and equipment that has been designated as "bookable" and is available through the University Centre Reservation Office.


1.1 Local candidates for Mayor/Member of Parliament/ Member of the Provincial Parliament and Candidates for City Council Ward 5 (The Ward in which the University is located) will be entitled to: One bookable space per election.

1.2 Bookable space charges will not apply to this first use, however, each candidate will be charged for all additional costs incurred (eg. special setup, audio visual equipment and operators, food/beverage service) at non- accredited rates. Additional requests for bookable space by candidates will be subject to full non-accredited rates.

1.3 Student accredited clubs or organizations who wish to invite a candidate to campus and host a presentation of the candidate are not subject to this policy on room reservations but would follow Policy UC-2 - Room Reservation, Scheduling & Rental Rates with respect to booking space.


2.1 Leaflets and handouts will be permitted within University Centre controlled space, only upon written application and prior approval from the University of Guelph Solicitation Review Committee. See the University Centre Administration
office to apply.

2.2 University Centre bulletin boards and banner space may be used for advertising materials (eg. posters and flyers) in support of individual candidates or parties, with the prior approval of the Manager, Building and Reservations.


The Manager, Building and Reservations is responsible for evaluating this policy when- ever deemed necessary. Recommendations for revision of this policy are to be forwarded to the University Centre Board’s Management and Operations Committee by the Director, University Centre. The Management & Operations Committee will seek approval of alterations to the Policy through the University Board.


See University of Guelph Policy “Election Campaigning on Campus”.