University Policies - Policing of University Centre Policies

Number: UC-13
Effective Date: March 1, 2004
Distribution: University Centre
Title: Chair, University Centre Board

GENERAL: The University Centre Board recognizes the need to enforce University Centre policies.


From time to time the University Centre Policies may be ignored by individuals, groups or organizations.  This policy sets out a progressive approach to enforcing these policies.

1.0 The University Centre Board Chair or their designate will issue a warning letter to the individual, group or organization in violation of the University Centre policy outlining the nature of the Policy violation and any corrective action that may be required.

2.0 If a subsequent occurrence takes place there will be a suspension of privileges (i.e.  Bookings/Postings)for a maximum of one year, or suspension of a University Centre Board member for the balance of the fiscal year.   An alternate member may be appointed to fill the University Centre Board position.  For individuals, groups or organizations where the suspensions would not be applicable, then proceed to Step 3.

3.0 Continued violation of the University Centre Policies will result in University Police involvement.  University Police Officers may elect to lay charges through the Judicial System of the 
University of Guelph or the Ontario Court System.


It is the responsibility of the Building Manager to enforce this policy.


Any group, individual or organization who may be charged under this policy may appeal any University Centre Administration decision pertaining to this policy to the Executive Committee of
the University Centre Board.  The appeal must be submitted in writing to the Director within seven (7) business days of the charge being laid.  The group, individual or organization will be given
reasonable notice to present their appeal to the Committee or the appeal shall be tabled.  The Executive Committee will determine the outcome of the appeal.