University Policies - Operating Procedures for UC-5

Effective, September 2004


Currently, a number of large vendors "Third Party Vendors" sell their products periodically in the University Centre Courtyard, They are supported by accredited groups to obtain the privilege and turn over some percentage of the sales (usually 10%) to the sponsoring accredited group.

Although the sponsoring group does receive a percentage of the sales there is legitimate concern that these vendors are taking advantage of this situation to the financial detriment of the University Community, the Accredited Groups and the University Centre, There is also concern that the courtyard is becoming a marketplace throughout the school year, and that more control must be exercised over accessibility.

Operating Procedures


This policy applies to C.S.A., G.S.A., College Governments, Accredited Student Groups, Interhall, University Departments and Leasees controlled by the University Administration who are conducting large or third party sales. University Centre Leasees will be granted one free use of space per semester. Any additional use of space for the purpose of selling will be charged according to the fee schedule attached.

Types of Sales:

A "Type of Sale" will work on a quota system and only two can be held per semester. "Type of Sale" is to be determined by the Building Manager of the University Centre.

"Type of Sale" is to be seen as generic in nature and as such is not differentiated by subject matter. That is to say, for example, a poster sale is a poster sale and therefore different content on posters would not qualify as a second classification.

The following would be typical classifications of "type of sale". This list is by no means all inclusive.

1) Third World Bazaar
2) Book
3) Computer
4) Bicycle
5) Craft
6) Poster
7) Plant
8) Clothing Apparel
9) Etc.

Booking of Space

Booking of space for the purpose of this policy will be on a first come, first serve, basis.


Courtyard Large Sales or Small Sales by
Area Third Party Sponsorship Accredited Group

Wings $ 75.00 $ 0 ($25. no show)
Centre Courtyard $ 225.00 $ 50.00

Operating Procedures For Third Party Sponsorship:

  • All "Third Party" sponsorship participants must contact C.S.A. Office
  • There will be a minimum of 15% of net sales (Gross sales less G.S.T. & P.S.T.) paid by third party vendor, to sponsoring group
  • The C.S.A. will negotiate this % on behalf of the sponsoring group
  • The C.S.A. will require a cash register to record all sales - the staffing of this will be determined and paid through negotiation with the C.S.A.
  • A vending permit will be issued to each approved "Third Party" vendor
  • This permit must be prominently displayed at the sale


  • Large Sales - Estimated at $1,000 or greater
  • Fee can be reviewed by Director of the University Centre
  • Third Party - For purposes of this operating procedure Vendors Third Party Vendors will be defined as parties wishing to sell products or services, that are sponsored by accredited groups but do not have accredited standing themselves
  • For purposes of this policy, large consignment sales, i.e. consignment sales over $1,000/day will also be deemed as Third Party sales
  • Sponsoring Groups - Groups, whether student, administrative or (Accredited Groups) faculty based, that have recognized accreditation on the University of Guelph campus
  • C.S.A. - Central Students Association