University Policies - Hours of Operation

Number: UC-11
Effective Date: February 1, 2004
Distribution: University Centre
Title: Chair, University Centre Board

GENERAL: The University Centre Board acknowledges that there must be established hours of operation for the various functioning units within the building.

PURPOSE: To outline the hours of operation for the various functioning units within the University building.


The various functions within the University Centre building will establish their respective hours of operation within the parameters of the University Centre policy on Building Hours (See Policy UC-6).

1.1 Administration
Normal hours of access to Administrative areas will be from 8:00 a.m. until 4:45 p.m., Monday to Friday of each week.  Access to areas at times other than identified above can only be obtained by securing a key with written approval of a Vice- President or the President.

1.2 Specific Building Areas: Each of the following areas has its own hours of Building operation or has hours posted. All areas will be Areas denied access after the building closes. See Policy (UC-6).

Level 0 Peter Clark Hall
Bookable Space - special events

Level 2 Central Student Association office
Student Club Office, Ontarion, CFRU

Level 3 Bookable Space - special events

Level 4 Bookable Space - special events

Level 5 Graduate Student Lounge
Older Than Average Student Lounge
University Club
Chapel - Bookable space

1.2.1 Exception
Access to Level 2 after building hours:
The University Centre Administration at the commencement of each semester will provide a list of persons who will be allowed access after building hours to the Building Manager. This list will be limited to 20 people. The list will be forwarded to the campus police. Individuals in the building after building hours may be requested by the police to produce identification. If their name is not on the list they will be warned and asked to leave. Individuals found in the building after a warning may be charged for trespassing.

1.3 Commercial
The hours of all Commercial areas within the University Centre shall be set by each respective operation. Hours set must be within those of the building (See Policy UC-6).

1.4 Hospitality Services
University of Guelph Hospitality Services, operated by the University of Guelph, may operate and supply their service to the University community within the building hours or by special
arrangement with the Executive Director, Hospitality Services.


The Building Manager shall be responsible for evaluating this policy and reporting recommended change to the Management & Operations Committee of the University Centre Board.


See UC-6 - Building Hours.